Our Services

Cyber KnowHow Ltd provides a variety of innovative and comprehensive IT solutions. We deliver quality services in our local area and design websites.

IT Support

What We Can Do

If your computer or laptop has stopped working or you have an issue with your computers performance, we can sort it! We can help you find quick and friendly solutions to problems and our team specialists can share their knowledge with you to provide the very best support.

We also provide IT Support for corporate organisations as well.

Website Design & SEO

What You Need

We can design and build a website tailored for you and your business. Once your website is live we can use our SEO techniques to help boast your web views and increase your brand awareness on the internet.

Network Services

How We Help

We can provide network solutions for your business, community or school. From computers to printer to displays, we can make sure they are all inter-connected. We also provide cloud and email solutions to businesses and schools.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity & Privacy

What We Can Do

We also provide Cyber Security services to help protect you from cyber threats. We will come to your premises for a cyber security audit and help make plan to protect you and your network.


Cyber Awareness Training

What We Teach

We provide Cyber Awareness training to all ages. We cover the importance of safety on the internet and how important it is to keep data safe. The types of malware and how you can spot something out of the ordinary. As well as real cyber threats and how we can prevent an attack happening. Training tailored towards parents and guardians can also be provided to help parents and guardians gain a better understanding of cyber security and how they can protect their children. Training Sessions last approximately 2 hours.


Marketing Solutions

What We Can Provide

We provide marketing solutions for your business to help increase your brand awareness and provide a uniform brand across your business marketing sites & solutions. We can design marketing materials and get it printed through our partner.

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